Wednesday, June 22, 2011

backtrack: wakarusa music festival.

hey, hey pretty ladies!
we're hoooome! finally! we've been all over the place & i'm super excited to share our adventures with you, but there's a lot, so i'm going to do a series of "backtrack" posts to fill you all in. we did wakarusa the first week in june & just had the most fun. some of our favorite friends vended right beside us, so we got to have a whole week of hanging out & hanging fun mixed in with (a little) work . :-)
some really pretty dresses found new homes. we made some new friends. we saw some great music. we don't typically get away from the booth at these festivals, but we managed to break away long enough to see grace potter & the nocturnals (who, by the way, is incredible!) & ben harper.
we left arkansas the next monday morning & headed to memphis to spend the night in the fanciest hotel we could reasonably afford (we had been sleeping in a tent for a week. i was ready for a touch of luxury. ha.) & go out on beale street. had a couple of beers. ate some yummy bbq. we woke up the next morning & super thrifted all through memphis, including, ahem, the world's largest thrift store, which unfortunately, was a tad disappointing. they had some incredible vintage pieces in there, but sadly, they were all in terrible condition. so frustrating! i did find a late 50's/early 60's floral party dress, which i think my seamstress can probably salvage. i'm going to give it a shot.
ok, that's all for today! enjoy our photos. tomorrow i'll backtrack to bonnaroo!
savannah marie