Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i wish.

happy wednesday, ladies!
here is what i am wishing for today...

i wish i had these tacos to eat. right. now. yum.

i wish we had this sign for our kitchen.

i wish we had this in our backyard. i suspect our neighbors do not wish this.

i wish i had had this room when i was a teenager.

i wish the boy & i had a pretty bright beach house. perhaps one day.

i wish i had this guitar.

i wish i knew how to make this cake. i suspect the kiddos would think it was the best birthday cake ever.

i wish i had matching birds. i would name them mister & misses.


here's hoping you get everything you wish for...
savannah marie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas in review.

hello, hello!
i hope you guys enjoyed your christmas. i know we did! our house still looks like toys r us!
we did christmas a little differently this year. presley's dad & i have been separated for quite awhile now (probably nearing two years), but we have kind of an unusual relationship in that we are both still very close with each other's families & friends & whatnot & last year, we couldn't really figure out what to do about sharing presley on christmas, so at the last minute, we just decided to all go together to his family's christmas celebrations. this year, obviously, we're both in serious relationships & that wasn't really going to be appropriate to do again, so we had to make the (pretty tough) decision on what to do with our little love muffin this year. i didn't want to give her up, but i didn't want him to have to go without her either. (note to readers: an ended relationship involving a child provides some of the stickiest predicaments, particularly around the holidays, so just keep that in mind when planning out your life. just sayin.)
we ultimately decided that presley would be with us all day christmas eve & go with her daddy that evening. lucy had to be back at her mama's christmas eve night too, so we thought it would be best to have both of the girls the same day. so, anyway, we had a great day. opened tons of gifts at home. visited nathan's mama house. visited nathan's dad's house. collected more presents than any child really needs ever. and then we returned the kiddos to their other parents & came home.
now, as two "recently" separated parents of 5 year olds, who haven't really been away from their kiddos on holidays much at all, we were kinda at a loss for what to do christmas eve/christmas day. we briefly planned on visiting a bed & breakfast in the smokies for a couple of days, but my parents wanted to see us on christmas day AND it was snowing like crazy, so that didn't really work, we did what anyone else would do and...we went to a bar. this turned out to be a poor judgement call. let's just say if you were already feeling down about the holidays, a bar, surrounded by a bunch of other people feeling down about the holidays, isn't going to be your best choice for entertainment. we had a few beers & went home.
at home, we decided to get creative. since we had planned on a little trip & it didn't pan out, we decided to have a little "vacation" at home. we pulled out our inflatable camping air mattress & set up a makeshift bed in the living room with lots of pillows & blankets. we rented movies, made a fire, & shared nice bottle of wine. it was quite lovely. so lovely in fact, that me, the boy, & the dog that wears tiny sweaters slept on the air mattress in the floor all night long, woke up & picked up the movie marathon right where we left off, until it was time to go visit my parents that evening. all in all, i'd say everything turned out just fine. we enjoyed ourselves and most importantly, the kids had a great time. presley came home yesterday, and we played like crazy! now, we've got to spend tonight making our house look more like a home & less like a toy tornado blew through...
enjoy the photos! the last one is my gift from the boy. a custom made EBV logo iphone case. i love it! the pic before that came from presley's dad on christmas day. look at all that snow! (that's exciting for us in the south.) also, lucy didn't get a kiss book for christmas. we all just laughed at the fact that she had 500 christmas gifts & chooses to pick that up off the bookshelf at her papa's house & read it, ignoring everything else.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's shopping time. again.

hey, hey, pretty ladies!
happy thursday! we've got some awesome vintage in the shop right now & i felt obligated to let you know, so you have a chance to add these lovelies to your closet, if you feel the need. a couple of these pieces are from my personal collection & i almost hate to see them go, but you can't make room for new stuff, unless you give some old stuff a new home.
***you can visit the shop here to see all of the 70+ vintage pieces we have listed right now, or you can click any of these pictures to be taken directly to the listing for that item!
p.s. EBV was feautured on yesterday! be sure to check it out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i wish.

good afternoon, friends!
happy wednesday! i hope this finds you doing well. we are having a pretty lazy afternoon here. presley & i are just going to watch some christmas movies & wait until it's time to go meet my daddy for dinner. (mexican...yum!) my mama is out of town, so we are keeping dad company tonight. here is what i'm wishing for today...
savannah marie

i wish the boy & i had a little hideaway like this. i suspect the kiddos would like it too.

i wish we had this kinda christmas illumination.

i wish i saw this when i looked out our windows.

i wish i still had my cat. i loved that little guy. RIP sasquatch.

i wish i had this blouse. how. incredibly. gorgeous.

i wish this was my ring collection.

i wish we had room in our house for all these candles. i love candles.

i wish we lived on one of these streets!

i wish the kiddo's room looked like this. this may just be the most beautiful little girl's room i have ever seen.