Wednesday, April 27, 2011

such pretty style.

hello, my loves. hello.
today has been a truly stressful day. alabama has been under attack all day. terrible, terrible storms & tornadoes. just plain nasty. the worst part of the whole thing was in tuscaloosa, alabama. also known as the home of the university of alabama. also known as the place where my little brother lives. the tornadoes just flattened one of the main streets in the town. stores, restaurants, gas stations...just left complete & utter devastation. i was watching it on the news & i couldn't get my little brother on the phone. saying i totally freaked out is a little bit of an understatement. i finally got him, he is ok, everything is calmed down now, i'm drinking a beer, and my stress level is decreasing. not only that...a good friend and her fiance JUST bought a house together (like really JUST bought it) and it was destroyed in the storm. there was just so much bad here today, but at least everyone is safe & that is the most important thing. i wanted to get my mind off the whole thing, so i did what i do best...distracted myself with pretty stuffs on the internet.
you have to check out this lady. she is just dreamy! her name is rachel iwanyszyn & she is just dreamy! check out her blog here. here are some of my favorite photos of her.
savannah marie

Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend in review: an easter story.

happy monday, friends!
i hope you guys enjoyed a sunny, happy, relaxing easter weekend! we kinda did. pres & i spent thursday night alone because the boy was out of town with the band. i always take advantage of those nights & super bond with my bebe. i even let her sleep in bed with me!
friday, pres stayed at my mama's house & i drove to atlanta to meet up with my handsome & catch their show that night. we were out & about for a bit, then stopped in to eat at our favorite late night atlanta diner, before we headed back to birmingham. would you believe that when we came back out to the car, some ***hole had busted out our window & stolen nathan's drum stick bag? a drum stick thief, really?!? now we have to replace the window. and the stuff in the bag. at least we have a friend in the auto glass repair business & he is hooking us big time on the repairs.
we got home in the wee hours of saturday, slept in a little, & then went to pick up presley & hung with her all day. she got so excited saturday night that she could barely sleep. she wrote the easter bunny a letter & we left him a big bowl of lettuce out of the table. we woke up sunday, opened up all of her goodies, played for a little bit, & then we put on her pretty (vintage) easter dress & her daddy came to get her to take her to church with his family. here are the pictures.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

sunday loves: easter edition.

happy easter, everyone!
we are up early here. presley has already checked out all her goodies from the easter bunny, put on her pretty (vintage) easter dress & headed off with her daddy to go visit his family today. i hope you guys have a lovely, lovely, easter sunday!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

festival fashion.

hello, hello & happy thursday, my friends!
there is little else we, here at ebv, enjoy more than summer music festivals. we love to vend them. we love to meet our customers. we love to see great live music. we love to camp. it's really the ideal fun situation for a person such as myself. i'm always lucky if the boy in the rock & roll band can get away long enough to go with, but if not, i have some great ladyfriends that are always willing to go & lend a helping hand. vending big events like that is fun, but it takes a lot of work!
this summer EBV will have you covered in our online store with everything you need to look just right at this summer's big festivals. we are also going to be vending tons of the festivals this summer, so you can come shop in person. we are currently signed up for wakarusa & bonnaroo & are still waiting to hear back on several others. be sure to follow the blog, so you don't miss any updates! it's going to be a kick ass summer, ladies!
one of the things i love the most about music festivals, not surprisingly, is the amazing fashion. here are some of my favorites from coachella & bonnaroo.
savannah marie

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a party of epic proportions.

hello, hello!
last wednesday was my sweet presley laine's sixth birthday. we had the best day! it started with her favorite breakfast (special k with fresh strawberries & a doughnut with sprinkles), served in bed, with a birthday balloon. (*yes, that is a baby bottle with milk in it. the child loves baby bottles & about once a year, she convinces me to give her one. i know, it's different.) we made 24 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing the night before to share with her school friends. her daddy had lunch with her at school & brought the cupcakes we made for her class. after school, we had all our friends & family over for a "make your own pizza" birthday party. the girls made little pizzas, we opened gifts, played with silly string, had a pinata, and then...i unveiled my greatest baking accomplishment to date...the a-MAZ-ing 6 layer rainbow birthday cake. my little sunshine loved it & so did everyone else! i'd say the birthday was a big success. i guess now my only question is how i am going to top this next year? ;)
savannah marie