Tuesday, July 20, 2010

moving day.

i have a confession to make. sometimes, on the days when the kiddos are with their other parents (you know i have one & he has one too, and occasionally they are with their mama & daddy at the same time), the boy & i sleep in. like really in. like to noon or later. today was one of those days. we wake up to sun shining bright & hot right into our bedroom, through the blinds.
anyway, so we are getting a late start on moving today. even though we have only lived in our fabulous current home for about 9 months or so, some things changed & we had to move again. it's ok. all the changes were totally positive & it allowed us to find our new home, which we adore & hopefully will be in for several years, at least. it's a lovely two story built into a hillside. the bedrooms are downstairs tucked into the hillside & you almost get the feeling that you're going down into a cave when you head down there. i love it! my other favorite things about our new love nest: the super huge kitchen (we love to create meals together) & the big balcony that stretches the length of the house. we will be doing mucho entertaining out there before the summer ends. we love a good cookout with our awesome friends!
so, i suppose i need to put the laptop down & go help muscle man move some boxes. i'm about ready to quit living with half our belongings in one house & half in the other!
i will leave you with some images that describe today. source
p.s. a big congrats to miss erin, the winner of our first ebv giveaway! i like reading her correspondence because she seems to have such a sunshiney disposition...i like that in a person. congrats, love! please stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future, friends.

Monday, July 19, 2010

and the winner is...

hello, hello!
i'd like to thank everyone that entered the ultimate vintage lover's giveaway. i'd also like to say hello to all our new facebook friends & twitter followers...welcome!
i decided to expand the giveaway a little. we randomly selected a grand prize winner, but i also decided to award five additional prizes. the grand prize winner will receive the ultimate vintage lover's prize package, and each of the other five winners will all receive $20 everybody's buying vintage gift cards. these gift cards can be used right away on any item in our market publique shop or can be used on shopebv.com when the site launches in a couple of weeks. just email me & when you decide what you'd like to buy & i will assist you in using the gift card.
(((drumroll please)))
and the grand prize winner is...

erin londregan berens

congrats erin!
the following 5 people win $20 everybody's buying vintage gift cards:

gabriella sullivan
jamie londregan
leanne hochberg
cherilyn sprague
dawn nelson steckmesser

congrats everyone!

erin, please email savannah@shopebv.com with your mailing address so i can get your goodies out. my other winners can just contact me when they're ready to use their gift cards.
p.s. we'll be doing another giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good news wednesday!

greetings & salutations, friends!
we've got some good news for you tonight. since we are still working on shopebv{dot}com, & because it's taking longer than originally anticipated, we decided veer off the paved road a little & do something new. we were accepted as a seller over on market publique, & we are pleased to announce that we have just listed some items up for sale there. if you have never shopped market publique, you just gotta! it's set up very similar to ebay, but it's only for vintage. it's very cutesy too, & we appreciate that. you can click here to see everything i've listed for sale today.
we're excited about this new sales outlet. depending on how it goes, we may continue to use it even after our webshop is done. we shall see! email me if you have any questions about anything: savannah@shopebv.com