Sunday, January 30, 2011

shop til you drop!

happy sunday, sunshines!
a quick note to let you know we have added, i don't know, like a million new vintage listings to THE SHOP this weekend. be sure to check those out! also, we have some truly, truly, fabulous pieces ending tomorrow night...and here they are:

Saturday, January 29, 2011



today's been kind of a weird day. i'm turning 27 on tuesday & that's cool, i guess, but i really don't want to get any older & more than that, i'm really not looking forward to wednesday. my little sister is moving to texas on wednesday. she's also taking the dog that wears tiny sweaters with her. so this week will be bittersweet. our birthday (my sister & i have the same birthday. she was born the day i turned two.) will probably be fun, but my best friend & the little dog i've grown so attached to are both leaving the next day. i've tried to talk my sister out of moving, but in the end, it's probably best for her. i guess i'll just have to put on my big girl panties & deal with it. sigh.

presley & i have just been hanging out all morning doing crafty stuff. we've got the doors to the porch open because it's so nice & she's been out there for hours painting & singing. i came in to get some work done & got distracted looking at some old photos of me. it's always interesting to me to look back at EBV in the very beginning. thought you guys might enjoy the flashback of ebv's very first model, yours truly.

embrace some sunshine today...there's plenty of it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

tgif. & some big news too.

hello & happy friday to you!
this has been one heck of a week. 2 trips out of town, 2 huge photoshoots, 1500+ pictures for me to start editing tonight...whew!

the shop will have a crapton of new vintage listings this weekend. i will split up all the new stuff between two days. half will start tomorrow night & the other half will start sunday night. the boy is off rock & rollin' again this weekend, so it's just me, pres, the dog that wears tiny sweaters & a whole buncha work to catch up on. i'm very, very, very excited for you guys to see all the awesome new stuffs!

in other news, we have a little secret...shhh...EBV is expanding again! we have our baby, the online store, our new relatively new venture, EBV-Birmingham, & now we are expanding again. where is the new shop going? well...we are keeping it secret for now & working out the details, but of course, the announcement will be made here first. hint, hint: it's one of our favorite cities & it's not in alabama. exceptional vintage for everybody, or that's our plan, anyway! we are so excited to continue to grow everybody's buying vintage & i want to take a quick minute to thank everyone for their support. i couldn't do what i love if it wasn't for you guys, & i am so very thankful. we have always had the best customers ever! this is going to be a pretty awesome year for us...i can just kinda feel it!

in other news, check this out: (we went on a double date last night, post photoshoot)

now is that a pitcher of margaritas or is that a pitcher of margaritas?!?
cheers to awesome weekends,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

today in review.

hello, hello, hello!
hope this finds everyone doing awesome. today was a looooong day. a fun day, but tiring. i spent the day in atlanta shooting new vintage listings with jess aka ladyflashback. we *finally* got to exchange christmas gifts & we shot (((what feels like))) one hundred million outfits. look for those coming to the shop super soon! jess got some crappy news halfway through our day, but things started to look up when we had some visitors. her friend christie came by & made some yummy quiche. her boyfriend came by & brought some flowers. i think she perked up quite a bit & seemed to be in a much better mood when i left. i'm headed back thursday for another photoshoot & a double date! jess & her boy & meself & my boy are going to our favorite mexican restaurant! i'm worn out from the drive, but i'm excited about all the new stuffs we shot for my shop & i'm already looking forward to thursday.
here are my favorite photos from today.


Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend in review: kiddos, kiddos, kiddos!

happy monday, sunshines!
we are winding down around here. i've got a big week planned this week! lots of photoshoots. lots of new vintage. lots of work on my new project: savannah marie, my new line of vintage inspired dresses & jumpsuits. every piece will be handmade, modeled after a vintage pattern, & made with lovely vintage fabrics. look for savannah marie out early spring! the line will be available online, exclusively on market publique or at my vending tent at various music festivals this summer. we are very excited about this!
now this weekend...all about the kiddos. the boy was out of town with the band & so it was meself & our two precious five year olds all weekend. we had a pretty wild time. here's a little look into our weekend. (presley says "mama, i'm wearing your "bathing suit" because we are playing BEACH!")

Thursday, January 20, 2011

today in review.

hello, hello, & hi!
how are you this evening? we are doing pretty awesome. just getting settled down here at camp ebv. presley's in bed, mama's editing photos & the boy is due home any minute now...
i wanted to share some cool stuff from today.
one: i found this article on beitthemeans (the boy's band) interesting read if you have a second.
two: we had a great photoshoot with an old ebv face today. <3 her! here are my fave pieces from the shoot. they will be available for sale soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend in review: rock & roll adventure in pictures.

hello, hello & happy tuesday!
i had a photoshoot yesterday & then we had a crisis yesterday evening (someone stole nathan's iphone), so i didn't get around to this post last night.
friday night we saw zoso, a led zeppelin tribute band. if you haven't seen them, you should definitely check them out! it is unbelievable how much their lead singer sounds like robert plant. here are a few photos from the show.

nathan was lucky to get to go with me friday. they are normally always gone towards the end of the week & the weekends, but he scored friday off & that was awesome. however, saturday morning, they had to pack up & go again, but they weren't going too far, so i went along. i only took one picture. haha. the place was too crowded & i was pretty comfortable where i was, didn't feel like pushing through folks to get pictures.

hope you guys have a good night! i've got a little work to do, then i'm headed downtown for nathan's show tonight. they're playing in birmingham this evening, so we may actually get in bed together at a semi-reasonable hour...and that is awesome.
savannah marie
p.s. i'm going to upload some new items to the shop tomorrow. our photoshoot went pretty great yesterday!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

hello, i love you...won't you tell me your name?

well, hello, hi, how are you?
i hope this finds you doing awesome. i just wanted to say a quick "helloiloveyou" to everyone before turning in for the night. i'm going to be honest. i am actually posting this from bed, probably minutes from falling asleep. we have had a busy, busy weekend & i have been in bed staring at the tv for hours because i cannot. stop. watching. storage wars. i want to buy abandoned storage units so bad i cannot stand it after watching this show. i caught bits & pieces of the golden globes. i will catch up on all the outfits tomorrow. anyway, we actually went to a concert friday night that was not one of nathan's shows...that's unusual for us! he was fortunate enough to not have anything booked friday so we were able to catch a show we've been wanting to see for awhile & then saturday it was back to business & out of town for the boys. it wasn't too far, so i let pres have some grandparents time & i went along. a good time as always. i took some fun pics & i'll get around to sharing those tomorrow.
until then...goodnight, my friends.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a thrifting adventure.

hello, hello...and happy wednesday, sunshines!
today was a fun day. it was a thrifting extravaganza! hit three different stores with the kiddo in tow. she was excited for the first one & part of the second one & then she spent the majority of the rest of the afternoon in the cart playing with mama's iphone. have a look at today's scores!
savannah marie
p.s. i've got a big photoshoot planned with lady flashback in hot, er, coldlanta tomorrow. check out my pulls for the shoot:
(it's likely that sequin dress will never make it to the shop. i'm strongly considering keeping it for meself.)

i didn't buy these, but i damn sure wanted to. if someone hadn't beat me to it, they'd been mine & i'd been explaining to that boy of mine why i tried to strap a couch & a chair to the top of the suv. & why i bought them & what was wrong with the couch we already have...

super awesome oxfords, size 8. look for them for sale in THE SHOP soon.

mushroom wall hanging for our EBV-Birmingham shop, 2 bags for the online shop, jars, butterfly, & picture for EBV-Birmingham, love statues for the boy & i.

an ebay purchase i received in the mail today. listened to it twice already...

a gift. to: the pretty hippie girl. love, the boy in the rock & roll band.