Tuesday, August 25, 2009

is she crazy?!? she must be!

'tis true ladies. we're having a 99 cent sale at Everybody's Buying Vintage! all auctions are starting at only 99 cents and have super low buy it now prices. i never, ever, ever, do this, but i was just feeling like something new today. there are lots to chose from, but i only pictured a few here. snatch 'em up quick ladies!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the super adventure.

well, i've been meaning to get around to this for 2 weeks now, but life has kept me pretty. darn. busy. 2 weekends ago, kyle and i went on a bit of an adventure...also known as the world's longest yard sale. it comes along every year in august and stretches from gadsden, alabama (about 45 minutes from where kyle grew up) all the way into somewhere in kentucky. we've never actually made it from beginning to end, but every year, i start out with the best intentions of that. what normally happens is we run out of car space, energy, cigarettes, and eventually he gets tired of stopping for me to pee every hour. ha. he's a trooper, but i'd be lying if i said he shared my degree of love for all things old and for sale in someone's yard. by the way, before i get to the photos, you guys go bid on some vintage. we've got lots of stuff ending tonight at EBV. anyway, check out all this awesome stuff! that jam was made by amish people. (i actually didn't buy all this stuff. i was just fascinated by it.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

splish splash.

goodness gracious! someone (me) needs to sit down, have a glass of pinot, and relax. i have been on the move big time here lately. the manfriend and i went on a super adventure this past weekend. obviously, i photographed the entire charade and i fully intend to blog all about it here soon, but in the meantime, check these babies out...round one of killer vintage swimsuits just added to our EBAY SHOP. there are more coming later this week, but i just couldn't get to them tonight. the fringe one rules. so. freakin. hard. buy it or any of the others pictured here at Everybody's Buying Vintage. stay sweet dollfaces.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

happy day! oh, happy day!

I take a rather interesting approach to life. I get it. I'm a little different. Most people don't see the ideal day much like I do. That's ok. I'd say Monday was an ideal day for me. I've started a new Monday routine. Jess and I have been shooting new EBV items until late Sunday afternoon. Sunday evenings we've been scouting out all the fun places to have dinner and drinks in Atlanta. She just recently moved there, so we are trying somewhere new every week. I'll sleepover Sunday night, and then Monday morning I'll get up and start heading back to Birmingham. It's a 2 hour drive, and normally takes me about 8-10 hours to get back. ha. There are so awesome thrift stores in between Atlanta and Birmingham, and I normally stop at every one of them. Quick break for lunch somewhere, and then finish shopping my heart out. One thrift store even has 1/2 off everything on Mondays! Score! I bought myself some super sweet stuff, and tons of new inventory for the shop. I've been working on tagging and organizing all that inventory for several days now...almost done!
Anyway, there are pictures below of all the awesome stuff I scored. Also, there are some really awesome vintage pieces up for auction right now at EBV. Check those out HERE! We're pretty excited. This is the first week with our new plus size model, whom we just adore.
Alrighty, here's the loot:

$8, garage sale store. love it! can't decide if I want it in my living room or if I want it to be my new office chair.

$99, clearance at pier one imports. might possibly be the most amazing thing i've ever seen.

$0, my mommy gave it to me monday night. love me some plants! cool pot too.

$50, pier one imports. super, super awesome!

$4, thrift store. for my sweet 4 year old, presley!

$10, thrift store. KILLER SKIRT! will be wearing it a lot!

That's all for today ladies & gents. Have a beautiful, sunshiney day!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new vintage pretties!

well, hello! just a heads up...all of this and more is now available for your consideration at Everybody's Buying Vintage! time to shop ladies!