Thursday, March 31, 2011

i wish.

hello, hello, hello!
it's thursday & i'm posting my typical wednesday blog...and that, my friends, is because i was out having too much fun last night to sit in front of my computer. the boy & i went to see some of my very favorite people. my friend, carlie just moved into a lovely new home & we were so excited to see it! my other favorite person, and former ebv model, jenn, got married earlier this year & we haven't gotten to see her much, so we were totally stoked to see her too! it's funny how life works. you get older, get married up, have kids, & sometimes you just don't have the time to see your friends as much as you used to, but gosh, when you do, it is just so refreshing. there's nothing that beats an awesome evening with good friends.
anyway, here's what i'm wishing for today...

i wish the kiddos had a tree house like this in our backyard.

i wish the boy with the pretty blue eyes wrote me love letters like these.

i wish we got to sleep in late & do this more often than we do.

sigh. i wish i could drive around in this awesome ride.

i wish this lovely owl ring was mine, all mine!

i wish this collection of awesome belonged to me!

i wish for a trip to the beach. soon. and also...for that hat.

i wish music festival season was here already. we've got such great plans to vend some GREAT festivals this summer. wakarusa is the only one we have confirmed so far, but there will be several more announcements in the coming weeks. in the meantime, nathan is playing a music festival this weekend, so we will get a little taste of the fun in just a couple of days! hope it holds me over...

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Monday, March 28, 2011

such pretty style.

happy tuesday, sunshines!
here are some outfits that i am just loving today...
savannah marie

i just love a great pair of shorts!

source: facehunter

gasp! those boots!

source: stylescout

i'm going to have to get around to wearing neck scarves more often. i just love them. i love effortlessly chic looks like this one.

source: advancedstyle

gorgeous blue! also love the bag.

gonna add two pictures of this one, because she's a dear friend & i love her. and this outfit.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

style icons: 1970's ann & nancy wilson.

happy sunday, friends!
i hope you guys had an awesome weekend. mine was pretty easygoing. spent friday night at home & in bed early & last night beitthemeans was booked to play a private party relatively close to birmingham, so i hung out there for a few hours, had probably too many beers, and yet still managed to make it home in bed at a semi-reasonable (for me) time. weather's been a little chilly today, so i think i'm going to hide inside for the rest of the afternoon!
now, if you follow my facebook or my twitter, then it's no secret to you that i'm a huge, HUGE heart fan. i love ann & nancy wilson so much i almost can't even stand it. i am constantly inspired by their style, from the early 70's-the early 80's. i love pretty much everything about these two. plus, i always thought it would be cool to be in a band with one of my sisters. problem is, the musical talent in my family was never really passed on to me. or either of my sisters. anyway...
it's undeniable how much music inspires fashion. the two artfroms really go hand in hand. (is that why my boyfriend, affectionately known as "the boy in the rock & roll band" & myself get along so fabulously? perhaps.) anyway, here are a few of my favorite images. i'm going to put dreamboat annie on the record player...

*sidenote: heart is playing in june about 4 hours from birmingham, & at the beach, to boot. it sure would be awesome if my boyfriend were to take it upon himself to purchase 2 tickets to the event. hint. hint.

photosource: google images.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

enough is never enough.

hello, hello.
i would like to take a minute, in my little corner of the internet, to honor one of my most favorite celebrities of all time. the world lost a true icon yesterday. as far as i am concerned, elizabeth taylor is the epitome of all that is beautiful & iconic. her style, her grace, her demeanor...her legacy will undoubtedly live on forever. my favorite elizabeth quote? regarding her style to more magazine in 2009, she says "enough is never enough!" isn't that the truth? we will miss you, elizabeth! r.i.p. lovely lady!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i wish.

hey, hey pretty ladies! happy wednesday!
wow, it sure has been nice to be an alabama lady this week! the weather has been perfect! warm, sunny, mid 70's everyday. so nice! i hope your corner of the world is just as lovely this week.
it's hard to wish for anything when it's been so nice, but i managed to come up with a few things...
savannah marie

i wish these pretty rings were mine.

i wish we lived in this pretty pink house.

i (really) wish i was planning one of these.

i wish i could find these girls & hire them to model for EBV.

i wish i could stop laughing at these. not really. they're funny. i wish i had a cat.

i wish i'd made this for dinner...

...and these for dessert.

i wish this was my car.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday loves.

happy sunday, my friends! happy sunday!
i hope this finds you enjoying a lovely, relaxing, sunday evening. i know i am. we had a great weekend. we've been gone with the boy's band for a few days & i, for one, am happy to be back home & relaxing with my family. i missed little presley while we were gone & was excited to get her back this afternoon! we haven't done much today, a little work, then brunch at my (new) favorite place. crab cakes benedict & vanilla cinnamin pancakes. i would've photographed it, but it looked so good, i didn't even want to take the 3 seconds it takes to snap a pic!
now, onto sunday loves...what am i loving today? hammocks. i have had them on my mind all day. i want one. i want one bad. i'm just trying to decide which one i want & where exactly i want to put it. i'm thinking back patio. look how great these can i not add one to my home?!? only issue now is who is going to come get me out of it!
savannah marie