Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hey ladies!
We've got auctions closing tomorrow night! You can click on any picture to take a closer look at that particular item or you can shop our entire current inventory here.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Savannah Marie

Monday, April 23, 2012


Hello friends & Happy Monday to you!
Wedding + Savannah? I kinda like the way that title looks! Maybe one day...
We spent the weekend in Hilton Head, SC for the wedding of two of my long time friends. It's a little extra special when two of your friends marry each other. The wedding was gorgeous (as was the bride!) & we had an amazing time! Probably the best wedding reception ever, no kidding.
Hilton Head is only a short drive from one of the hunk & I's favorite cities, so we drove over Sunday & spent the day roaming historic downtown Savannah. Savannah's a great place. Not only is it gorgeous, there is so much to take in...we spent the whole day just roaming around & looking at the scenery, the antique shops, & all the touristy type stuff. The week after tax time is pretty much the worst time of year for us to do anything financially, so I didn't do any buying on this trip, but I definitely made a mental note of some places we will be returning to in the future! We caught a breathtaking Savannah sunset over the river & then headed back home. Time to get back to work!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Cheers, Savannah Marie

all snazzed up & ready to see a wedding!

such a beautiful wedding.

a super fun reception party!

sunday brunch with the hunk in savannah.

a pretty backdrop for brunch!


i still regret not buying these for the girls.

i love savannah. it's the only place i've ever been able to find any cool name swag.

i still don't understand this.

bike envy.

why, oh why, did they have to put the antique store at the top of these stairs? i climbed them with a broken foot, but it wasn't easy. a big shout out to the hunk for his assistance.

the candy store.

barrels & barrels of candy. really, so much candy.

river street.

wind spinners in the outdoor market.

handmade brooms at the outdoor market.

possibly my fave part of the city: the spanish moss.

so many boats!

cobblestone roads are so charming...but not necessarily easy to maneuver on a broken foot.

ok, i lied. i did buy this.

riverboat at sunset.

so romantic. i am totally riding this the next time we go to savannah!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey lovely ladies!
It's that time of the week again...killer vintage auctions are coming to an end soon! You can click any picture to take a closer look at the listing for that item.
Savannah Marie