Saturday, August 18, 2012


Day one was rough. Day two went WAY better! We left Amarillo Thursday morning, checked out Cadillac Ranch (Nathan spray painted our initials onto one of the cars) & drove into New Mexico.
I LOVE NEW MEXICO. Southwestern prints, fringe, moccasins, & turquoise jewelry are for sale all over the place. My favorite things! We stopped to check out Route 66 & this adorable hotel: Hotel el Rancho. Plenty of people told us it was a must stop & they were right! It is super cool! There is a restaurant in there & we chose to pass on that & instead visit their shop. So. Much. Awesome. Jewelry. I bought a few things for myself, a gift for our friend we would be visiting later on the road trip & we moved on.
We did some thrifting in Gallup. Put the top back down on the comfortable and got back on the interstate just in time to catch a gorgeous New Mexico sunset. Drive onto Arizona...and FINALLY, several hours later, arrived at our destination: breathtaking Sedona. We didn't get to fully grasp how amazing it was until the next day because it was dark when we arrived, but I snapped a quick pic of our temporary living room & we quickly grabbed a couple of glasses of wine and made a break for the enormous hot tub on the back patio. It was a beautiful day spent with my favorite hunk! Day three tomorrow.
Savannah Marie

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, we are home from our trip! We are settling back into the swing of things, getting ready for the kiddos to go back to school, getting back to work, and well, just loving being ENGAGED!
Since we covered 4000+ miles of this beautiful country on this adventure, I'm going to blog it one day at a time.
Day one was looooong. We left home (Birmingham, AL) at 9 AM Wednesday morning and arrived in Amarillo, TX, 19 and a half hours later, at 4:30 in the morning the next day. We had a pretty disastrous time trying to find a hotel room at almost 5 in the morning, but we finally found one, moved in, unpacked, realized the air conditioner didn't work, repacked, moved out, found another hotel room, and ended up asleep at some point in the 6:00 hour. It was a rough day, but we made it...barely.
The highlights of day one? The weather was warm, but nice, perfect for cruising with the top down in the Beetle. It also happened to be Jerry Garcia's birthday, which I felt obligated to celebrate by listening to The Grateful Dead pretty much the entire day. The hunk surprised me by remembering that there was this delightful little Mexican place on the Arkansas River that I LOVE. We found it last year when traveling through & somehow he remembered where it was & how much I loved it & we had dinner there at sunset. It was just lovely. We also came across a rather hilarious sign at an Arkansas gas station. (no pants?)
The downside of day one? I managed to miss every single "welcome to" state sign...except Arkansas. Not shown: Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, or Texas. Oh well, there's always the next day, where I got slightly better at that.
Day two is a little more exciting. I'll cover that tomorrow.
Savannah Marie

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My favorite thing in the whole world to do is travel. When the hunk and I agreed to stick with each other for the foreseeable future, he promised me he'd take me everywhere I wanted to go...eventually.

That was 3 years ago and so far, he's made pretty good on that promise. We go a lot. Quite often, work for one of us is involved, be it the band or something for EBV, but it's all the same. We have a blast regardless.

I started something fun back then & I want to share it with you guys. We started building a map on the side of our refrigerator of all the states we have been to together, not individually, as both of us have been all over before we met each other, but states we explored as a pair. Every time we visit a new state, we pick up the magnet and add to the map.

We're currently en route to Arizona and so our map will grow when we get back, but this was how we left it when we left home. I feel certain one day we will have a complete map.

*I am aware that Texas isn't up against Mississippi. The kids lost Louisiana and we haven't replaced it yet.