Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the super adventure.

well, i've been meaning to get around to this for 2 weeks now, but life has kept me pretty. darn. busy. 2 weekends ago, kyle and i went on a bit of an adventure...also known as the world's longest yard sale. it comes along every year in august and stretches from gadsden, alabama (about 45 minutes from where kyle grew up) all the way into somewhere in kentucky. we've never actually made it from beginning to end, but every year, i start out with the best intentions of that. what normally happens is we run out of car space, energy, cigarettes, and eventually he gets tired of stopping for me to pee every hour. ha. he's a trooper, but i'd be lying if i said he shared my degree of love for all things old and for sale in someone's yard. by the way, before i get to the photos, you guys go bid on some vintage. we've got lots of stuff ending tonight at EBV. anyway, check out all this awesome stuff! that jam was made by amish people. (i actually didn't buy all this stuff. i was just fascinated by it.)

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