Saturday, June 12, 2010

a super awesome day with the kiddos.

hello, hello, & happy saturday!
if you follow my facebook/twitter, you know i've been home alone for the past few days. the boy is out of town playing with his band. my sister had some mary kay stuff going on. my kiddo was visiting my mama & the boy's kiddo was with her mama. i didn't know what to do with all my free time. i basically bummed it big time, & lasted all of about one day before i wanted everyone back home where they belong. we still haven't totally reassembled the whole crew yet, but we're getting close.
well, today the kiddos came back, and we had a super awesome time celebrating the 4th birthday of a close friend...those folks know how to throw a party! check out the photos. we had a blast! (& i totally went down that huge waterslide...a lot.)
tomorrow we're shooting for ebv kiddos, so that should be an adventure. sneak peek of those pics tomorrow night or maybe monday.
enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! get out & get some sunshine! it feels incredible!
p.s. please note: i only left my sleeping children hunched over in the back seat like that long enough to laugh out loud, grab the camera, & then readjust them to something a little more comfortable for the rest of the car ride home.

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