Tuesday, July 20, 2010

moving day.

i have a confession to make. sometimes, on the days when the kiddos are with their other parents (you know i have one & he has one too, and occasionally they are with their mama & daddy at the same time), the boy & i sleep in. like really in. like to noon or later. today was one of those days. we wake up to sun shining bright & hot right into our bedroom, through the blinds.
anyway, so we are getting a late start on moving today. even though we have only lived in our fabulous current home for about 9 months or so, some things changed & we had to move again. it's ok. all the changes were totally positive & it allowed us to find our new home, which we adore & hopefully will be in for several years, at least. it's a lovely two story built into a hillside. the bedrooms are downstairs tucked into the hillside & you almost get the feeling that you're going down into a cave when you head down there. i love it! my other favorite things about our new love nest: the super huge kitchen (we love to create meals together) & the big balcony that stretches the length of the house. we will be doing mucho entertaining out there before the summer ends. we love a good cookout with our awesome friends!
so, i suppose i need to put the laptop down & go help muscle man move some boxes. i'm about ready to quit living with half our belongings in one house & half in the other!
i will leave you with some images that describe today. source
p.s. a big congrats to miss erin, the winner of our first ebv giveaway! i like reading her correspondence because she seems to have such a sunshiney disposition...i like that in a person. congrats, love! please stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future, friends.

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