Wednesday, July 6, 2011

backtrack: bonnaroo.

hello, friends!

well, i knew eventually i'd get around to blogging about this summer's most excellent adventure. we had an awesome time at bonnaroo! we really, really enjoyed ourselves! it was hot as (no...HOTTER THAN) hell, but we survived with lots of water & misting bottles. next year i'm buying a generator and we are running fans all week.
anyway, i was super pleased with our setup. i met so many awesome girls (& guys. see sunglasses photo), sold some lovely vintage, heard lots of music, & basically just enjoyed a week out on a farm with that handsome boy of mine.

we saw widespread panic, eminem, lil' wayne, pretty lights, & bassnectar. (honestly, i could have probably lived without most of those acts, but i do love me some widespread panic. we could only leave the booth at certain hours every night (except for when we "snuck out" for panic) & so our music selection wasn't exactly our first choices, but that's not really why we were there, so whatev.

we rode the ferris wheel. we went to the silent disco, which was super neat. a big disco where everyone wears earphones to listen to the DJ spinning. everybody's dancing & having fun, but to anyone that walks by...silence. it was pretty cool.
here are the photos. the ones of the customers with their new purchases are my favorite. :-)

savannah marie


Carrie - Sabrosa Vintage said...

awesome! i camped in tent only, but finally saw your booth at the end of sunday night. we were so tired and had a long walk back to my friend's house, and I was with silly boys, so i didn't get to stop in and see.

from the walk by, your set up looked great, and i'm glad you had fun. generator and fans is a GOOD idea.

Savannah Marie said...

Thank you so much! We worked hard on it. And yes, I'm not doing that again without FANS!