Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Report: Weekend in Review

Hello, lovely ladies!
Hope you guys had a great weekend. We had a super chill, super awesome one. Plenty of relaxing & down time. We typically travel with the band on the weekends, but they had the weekend off & we stayed home & caught up on a bunch of things on our "we need to get around to that" list. We also had THREE kids this weekend. This is the first time we've ever been in charge of more people than us! My best friend let us keep her sweet girl Saturday night, so we had three little ladies! Good times.
Here's the weekend in pictures. Wanna instagram with me? Find me: shopebv.
Savannah Marie

Initially, the weekend was looking grim.
I love leaving the hunk love notes. I also love the new sheets my mama gave us for Christmas.

He may help with my crafts projects, but he's still totally manly, see?
Lucy & the ipod.

Presley & the ipod.

Got our car all cleaned out.

Finally got rid of the Christmas tree. A little late on that, sure.

Caught up on some crafts. Can't wait to share the DIY on these with you guys.

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