Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, we are home from our trip! We are settling back into the swing of things, getting ready for the kiddos to go back to school, getting back to work, and well, just loving being ENGAGED!
Since we covered 4000+ miles of this beautiful country on this adventure, I'm going to blog it one day at a time.
Day one was looooong. We left home (Birmingham, AL) at 9 AM Wednesday morning and arrived in Amarillo, TX, 19 and a half hours later, at 4:30 in the morning the next day. We had a pretty disastrous time trying to find a hotel room at almost 5 in the morning, but we finally found one, moved in, unpacked, realized the air conditioner didn't work, repacked, moved out, found another hotel room, and ended up asleep at some point in the 6:00 hour. It was a rough day, but we made it...barely.
The highlights of day one? The weather was warm, but nice, perfect for cruising with the top down in the Beetle. It also happened to be Jerry Garcia's birthday, which I felt obligated to celebrate by listening to The Grateful Dead pretty much the entire day. The hunk surprised me by remembering that there was this delightful little Mexican place on the Arkansas River that I LOVE. We found it last year when traveling through & somehow he remembered where it was & how much I loved it & we had dinner there at sunset. It was just lovely. We also came across a rather hilarious sign at an Arkansas gas station. (no pants?)
The downside of day one? I managed to miss every single "welcome to" state sign...except Arkansas. Not shown: Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, or Texas. Oh well, there's always the next day, where I got slightly better at that.
Day two is a little more exciting. I'll cover that tomorrow.
Savannah Marie


Winnie Lou said...

LOVE road trips! Taking one up to Georgia next week!


Savannah Marie said...

Nice! Where in Georgia?