Saturday, January 26, 2013


I love doing DIY projects with the kiddos & I think this is one of my faves. The girls had so much fun making them & Lucy says she's "going to wear them everyday for the rest of her life, even when she's a grown up." Don't worry, I didn't burst her bubble & tell her that her feet are going to grow.

One more neat part about the shoes: Nathan & I took a sharpie & wrote little love notes to them on the bottoms...just in case they need to be reminded how much we love them when they are away from us, but cleverly hidden so as not to embarrass them at school.

We picked up the shoes on sale for $10/pair & they used 6 packs of sparkles ($3/pack). All in all, you're looking at roughly $40 for two pairs of super awesome shoes...a heck of a bargain if you ask me!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

Savannah Marie

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