Thursday, August 5, 2010

omg. south by southwest.

happy thursday, sunshines!
so here's something exciting. if you follow my personal facebook page or my twitter, then you've probably figured out by now that my eventual husband is in a rock & roll band. if you're curious: said rock & roll band. anyway, they recently got word that they will be playing SXSW next year. this makes me excited for two main reasons: 1. i love those boys & would love to see them do well. this seems like a great opportunity for them. & 2. obviously, i won't be missing the event. as far as i'm concerned, this is almost as much about fashion as it is about music. i'm already planning out my outfits....even though it's not until next march!
i've gotten excited thinking about it this morning & wanted to share some great fashions spotted at SXSW in past years. enjoy!
p.s. huge photoshoots yesterday & today...sneak peeks coming oh-so-soon.
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Dawn Steckmesser said...

HOly Cow! I have an Orange jumpsuit just like the one on here in my Etsy shop! COOL!

Kitsch-y-Cool Vintage said...

Congrats - SXSW is awesome...I used to go all the time when I was living in that I MISS Austin! Great shopping down there too. Enjoy!!