Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wish.

hello there...and happy cinco de mayo to you.

well, i was a little bummed when i sat down to blog tonight, because "i wish" wednesday posts are typically some of my favorites & i didn't get to it yesterday because i've been so busy. like really busy. between taking the kiddos to the beach & planning these huge vendor undertakings that i've signed myself up for, i've just been going full speed ahead. i'm vending wakarusa the first weekend in june, bonnaroo the second weekend in june, & most likely something else still in the works the third week of june. june 2011 may be the busiest month of my life.
so anyway, i sat down to compose tonight's blog entry when something occurred to me: i'm in charge here. i can post wednesday's blog on thursday if i feel like it. and guess what? i feel like it. :)

i wish i had these shoes. all of them.

i wish i thought to wear red lipstick more often. it's so sexy. also, i wish i had those amazing sunglasses.

i wish i had this love nest.

i wish it was time for the fair again. we <3 the fair!

i wish i had this sign for my kitchen.

i wish i had this sharpie collection. i love sharpies.

i've never really been into tattoos. they just aren't my thing. i can appreciate them on other people. it's just not for me. the boy in the rock & roll band & i have been discussing love tattoos lately. i may do it. i may not. i like the idea. i like the thought of having something small & non noticeable that's just between he & i, but in the end, i'll likely stick with my "it's not my thing" stance, which will make what i'm about to say sound pretty strange. i think these arm sleeves are so cool. i guess i should wish i had the balls to do this & then extra balls to suffer through getting it removed when i decided i didn't want it anymore.

i wish i had this dress. i love it.

that is all. goodnight, friends.
savannah marie

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