Sunday, May 8, 2011

sunday loves: mama edition.

happy sunday, friends!
happy mother's day to you! i have had a lovely day being mama in this house! the boy woke me up to a lovely surprise...a breakfast in bed tray...complete with my favorite breakfast (eggs over medium & homemade blueberry cheesecake muffins), juice AND milk, a beautiful vase full of flowers, a sweet card, my favorite magazines & my sunday paper. (sunday is the only day of the week i read the paper.) since we are currently sharing a car, he couldn't go get my surprises last night, so he woke up at 5 am, snuck out of bed to get all that stuff & come home & make my breakfast. it's been two years & i still fall more in love with him everyday. anyway...

...and then he comes downstairs drinking his coffee in this. i, of course, laugh at him. that boy is ridiculous sometimes!

so i spent the rest of the day doing a little bit of work & then playing & relaxing with presley, who has been an absolute doll today. that little one rode her bike today for the first time without any training wheels!

my mama kind of abandoned me today, but i still love her. (a joke, not really. she & my dad & my grandparents are vacationing in europe. i did get a very sweet card in the mail from my mom yesterday, but at $8/minute, i didn't really expect a phone call! they will be home in a few days & we will celebrate then.) my mama is the most awesome person ever. and she is quite beautiful, if i do say so myself. (the baby is presley, not me.)

and these are my grandmothers. i am so lucky to still have both of my awesome grandmothers alive.

and one of me & my baby:

and here are some other beautiful mamas i found:

random mom photos source: weheartit.
savannah marie