Thursday, August 18, 2011

diy: decoupage train cases.

happy thursday, friends!

i came across the cutest idea this morning via ModPodgeRocks & jane's apron. i love decoupage & i am dying to try this particular project out. maybe even take a few down to EBV-birmingham eventually. i have long loved vintage train cases & this is just almost too much cute! decoupaging is super easy...give it a try!

for this project you will need: a vintage traincase, pictures to decoupage (our favorite things to use for decoupaging are magazines, catalogs, photos, postcards, travel brochures, vintage wallpaper, & dried flowers), decoupage medium (we recommend this one.) , a popsicle stick (to smooth wrinkles & remove excess glue), foam brush (to spread glue), scissors, tweezers (helpful for placing small photos), & a damp rag to wipe up excess glue.

1. make sure train case is clean.
2. cut pictures.
3. arrange pictures before you add glue.
4. use a generous amount of glue.
5. use popsicle stick to push down pictures & smooth out excess glue.
6. once all your pictures are dry, coat item completely in decoupage medium.
7. continue to add the medium until you get the desired result. just make sure you keep adding it until pictures are smooth.
8. be sure to let it dry completely.
9. while you are waiting on your traincase to dry, CLICK HERE! to go check out all the awesome vintage auctions ending tonight at ebv.
10. enjoy! (your super cute new traincase & the vintage dress you bought while waiting on it to dry.)

i love you guys! have a beautiful day.
savannah marie


Chrissie said...

How lovely! An Absolutely great post!

Savannah Marie said...

thank you! <3

Chrissie said...

Anytime! :)

Diana said...

I LOVE THIS!! Just might have to try it out. :)