Monday, August 1, 2011

something awesome happened...

...and I would like to share.
On Friday, ZOOEY DESCHANEL made me smile big time. We love Zooey! Almost Famous is my favorite movie of all time! Anyway, she said she LOVES one of our favorite EBV pieces this week!!! Check out her comments on our romper HERE & if you feel compelled to buy the romper, based on the fact that an adorable celebrity LOVES it, you can do that here.
I hope you guys are all enjoying your Monday. Here's a little snapshot to clue you into what I'm dealing with today. (What am I going to do about these outrageous employee outbursts?)



Janelle Haskin said...

Zooey is so awesome!! :)


mestizay said...

your style is amazing! i just love the vintage vibe.:)