Saturday, October 16, 2010

charleston charm.

hey, hey, pretty ladies!
well, it's no secret that the boy & i love to travel. we hit the road for a variety of reasons...either on tour with his band or to any of the various musical events i vend throughout the year...bonnaroo, widespread panic shows, etc. we love road trips. we love to sing silly love songs, play car games (iphone madlibs is our new fave!) visit unique diners, landmarks, etc. we're also pretty notorious for ending up in anyway, we just got back from one of our new fave spots (& shhh...a city where we may or may not be kinda thinking about starting to plan a wedding!). we spent friday night in pendleton, south carolina. beitthemeans had a show there, so we had to stop to let my manfriend rock & roll. we spent the night, got up early & headed to charleston, south carolina for the widespread panic show. i vended all day & late into the evening, we stayed in a delightful little motel, slept in late the next morning, then headed downtown to spend all day sunday shopping, eating, & just enjoying each other's company. we had a lovely brunch at a place called poogan's porch. mimosas & baby spinach salad with caramelized onions, pecans, & goat cheese. delish. we spent the rest of the day shopping in the open market & finally headed to visit my laney & granddaddy about 6. (my grandparents, they live on seabrook island. it's a gorgeous, gorgeous place with an extremely romantic secluded beach. it's about 30 minutes from charleston.) we spent the night with my grandparents. we just adore them. my laney is an amazing cook & she always just spoils us rotten. we took a late night stroll on the beach, which may have been one of the most romantic spots we've ever been. i was pleased at how many times "possible wedding spot" came out of the boy's mouth during our stroll. we spent the night, slept in late, had brunch with my grandparents, and then hit the road headed for our next destination...nashville, tennessee for three nights. we didn't leave until late & definitely had quite the drive to tackle. we ended up getting distracted somewhere around gatlinburg & veered off track to visit an indian casino. lots of fun. i lost $20 in a slot machine & we left after about two hours because they didn't serve alcohol, and well, frankly, we like alcohol. we spent the night at a sweet little hotel in pigeon forge & woke up early the next morning to head onto to nashville. we ended up only spending 2 of the 3 nights in nashville because we took too long to get there, but they were two fun nights of vending at widespread panic. charlie daniels came out and played with panic. pretty cool. anyway, so we get home sometime thursday, got the kiddos back & spent the next few days just happy to be home with them....until we all got sick early this week, but that's a whole different story.
that was long. thanks for reading it. hope you like our pictures.

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