Saturday, October 23, 2010

under the weather.


happy friday, sunshines! (tries to muster up a smile)
hope this finds you guys doing well. me...not so much. it's been a tough week here at campebv. let me give you the rundown: so, two weeks ago, we vended an event in charleston. i had to pee. no where close by to pee. i pee in woods. i look down, only to realize i've decided to pee in poison ivy. i freak. i lose my balance (perhaps due to the cocktails consumed, or the oppressive heat. hard to say.). a poison ivy branch swipes across my butt as i fall. i freak again. i decide "it's probably ok" & i stop freaking.

oh how wrong i was.

so, 2 days later, i end up with poison ivy in a place you don't want poison ivy. (my butt, it could've been worse i guess, lol). miserable, i call the doctor and ask for something to clear it up. doc gives me steroids. i take them. wake up the next morning feeling horrible. i assume i've gotten sick on top of my poison ivy issues. (we have lotsa late nights when we travel. often, this ends up making me sick when we get home.)
all week, i get sicker & sicker. finally, thursday night, i end up with horrible, horrible, pain in my bad i can barely walk. i freak again. my mama comes to pick up presley & i go to hospital. as it turns out, i'm allergic to steroids. doc tells me to stay off my legs & take pain meds & wait for it to get out of my system. so i wait. and wait. i'm still is getting better, but still pretty much sucks. i suspect i will be healed in a day or two. i've been attempting to use mind control to cure myself, since i am supposed to be leaving next thursday for a vending trip/girl's only adventure weekend in new orleans. i'd really like to enjoy that with a fully functional body. hey, at least i don't have poison ivy on my butt anymore. the steroids cleared that up in like an hour, right before trying to take me down, apparently.

anyhow, so i've been stuck at home for awhile. i've jumped into all kinds of organizing & crafting projects. i also updated my lookbook & chictopia accounts. it would be awesome if you guys would check me out on those sites.
savannah marie

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