Wednesday, October 20, 2010

crafty tuesday.

hello & good evening to you.
we're up late tonight. it's one of the weird creative people things that i do from time to time...think about a new project, consider different options, then for no real reason other than i just get excited, i get started on it late night.
i've been wanting to do something nice for a good friend of mine, one of my ebv models. she's been doing a lot for me lately & i have wanted to show her some appreciation. i also have this massive pile of killer vintage fabrics that i've been dying to use. i wanted to do something that could incorporate a lot of different patterns into one project. i just started on it & i have a lot left to do, but i thought you guys may enjoy a little sneak peek at today's late night arts & crafts project. the owl pillow. i'm pretty sure i'm going to love it. and so will my sweet friend. (i even went wild & bought the ultra plush soft filling for it. this little hooter is gonna be super soft!)

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