Monday, December 13, 2010

sunday loves. christmas edition.

hello, hello!
happy sunday to you! sunday is my favorite day of the week & today was particularly pleasant. i just love my little family so. stinkin. much. not only is the boy in the rock & roll band just about the most handsome, awesomest thing i've ever laid my blue eyes on, our two kiddos just make my world go around. they are two of the sweetest little babies ever & we have had so much fun this weekend. yesterday was super fun, but tiring for the little ones, so today, we just relaxed in our pjs & ate waffles, decorated the tree & mantle, & listened to christmas music. presley went to her dad's & lucy went home to her mama's early this evening, but they were here long enough to help us get all the decorating done.
our tree didn't exactly turn out the way i had in mind, but it is surely lovely & it was put together with all the love in the world. i intended to get a huge tree, but then got scared that we were picking out one that wouldn't fit, so we went smaller. when we got it in the house, i realized we really could've gone a foot or two taller. oh well, i'll know next year. i also didn't really realize that we don't really have enough ornaments or lights for our tree. i'm going to work on that for next year. i think i keep going bigger on the tree every year & the decorations look more scarce every time! we have moved so much over the past years, that i just haven't quite nailed the christmas decor yet, but we have no plans to move anytime soon, so it will get better every year! i hear stores have great sales on christmas decor the day after christmas, so i may look into that.
hope you guys all enjoyed cozy, snuggly, happy weekends too! enjoy our photos. the boy & i are about to have a snack & watch christmas vacation. again. ;)
savannah marie
p.s. it snowed all day here! that's pretty rare in alabama. and by pretty rare, i mean extremely rare.

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