Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bag lady.

hello, hello, & merry christmas to you!
i've always been a fan of "what's in my bag?" posts. i think they are fun & they give you a little insight into the person behind the blog. i mean...after all, what says more about a lady that what's in her bag? so, here goes.

first off, the bag: a vintage 1970's tooled leather bag. i bought it for 50 cents at a yard sale. yes, someone was crazy enough to sell this amazing bag for 50 cents. i consider it my most amazing bargain ever, to date.
one. kenneth cole pink wallet. a gift from my darling sister. excessive amount of receipts hanging out of it compliments of my christmas shopping.
two. snack size bag of peanut m&ms. (in case of an emergency)
three. presley's purse. yes, my purse is so huge that it actually contains another purse.
four. my sunglasses. aviators. my fave sunglasses i've ever owned.
five. my birth control pills. won't be adding to this family this year. or next. maybe 2012. maybe.
six. approximately 11 cents.
seven. business card holder & my new business cards. which i love. (thanks nathan.)
eight. lipgloss. mary kay. i'm addicted to mary kay. if you need some, email my sister. lauraalayne@aol.com
nine. #1 mom pen. an (early) christmas gift from presley laine.
ten. stride gum. orange flavor. yum.
eleven. black hairbow & hairband. a quick fix for myself or either of the girls. hair emergencies happen & its best to be prepared.
twelve. peace sign earrings. i wear them often.
thriteen. owl earrings. i wear these pretty often as well.
fourteen. huge black onyx ring. goes with pretty much every outfit i ever wear.
fifteen. ibuprofen. this mama gets headaches from time to time.
sixteen. nikon coolpix. i carry it around all the time. i generally use the iphone camera these days, but i always have it just in case. it's little. easy to carry around. really doesn't take the greatest pictures though. whatever, it was cheap.
seventeen. bracelet. i love this bracelet. i bought it from a hippie in a parking lot & i wear it all the time.
so...that's it.
savannah marie

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