Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i wish.

good afternoon, friends!
happy wednesday! i hope this finds you doing well. we are having a pretty lazy afternoon here. presley & i are just going to watch some christmas movies & wait until it's time to go meet my daddy for dinner. (mexican...yum!) my mama is out of town, so we are keeping dad company tonight. here is what i'm wishing for today...
savannah marie

i wish the boy & i had a little hideaway like this. i suspect the kiddos would like it too.

i wish we had this kinda christmas illumination.

i wish i saw this when i looked out our windows.

i wish i still had my cat. i loved that little guy. RIP sasquatch.

i wish i had this blouse. how. incredibly. gorgeous.

i wish this was my ring collection.

i wish we had room in our house for all these candles. i love candles.

i wish we lived on one of these streets!

i wish the kiddo's room looked like this. this may just be the most beautiful little girl's room i have ever seen.



Waistland Vintage said...

Oh I love the little girls room the most of all these wishes.

Nice post!

♥ Rachel

Savannah Marie said...

i think so too! everything about it is just so perfect!