Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend in review: an easter story.

happy monday, friends!
i hope you guys enjoyed a sunny, happy, relaxing easter weekend! we kinda did. pres & i spent thursday night alone because the boy was out of town with the band. i always take advantage of those nights & super bond with my bebe. i even let her sleep in bed with me!
friday, pres stayed at my mama's house & i drove to atlanta to meet up with my handsome & catch their show that night. we were out & about for a bit, then stopped in to eat at our favorite late night atlanta diner, before we headed back to birmingham. would you believe that when we came back out to the car, some ***hole had busted out our window & stolen nathan's drum stick bag? a drum stick thief, really?!? now we have to replace the window. and the stuff in the bag. at least we have a friend in the auto glass repair business & he is hooking us big time on the repairs.
we got home in the wee hours of saturday, slept in a little, & then went to pick up presley & hung with her all day. she got so excited saturday night that she could barely sleep. she wrote the easter bunny a letter & we left him a big bowl of lettuce out of the table. we woke up sunday, opened up all of her goodies, played for a little bit, & then we put on her pretty (vintage) easter dress & her daddy came to get her to take her to church with his family. here are the pictures.

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