Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend in review.

hello there, sunshines!
we are just getting back into the swing of things around here today. we spent yesterday relaxing after a pretty exciting weekend. presley went to spend the weekend with her grandparents & two of my very favorite friends came to visit us. we went to see widespread panic friday & saturday night in birmingham & we just had the most delightful time. it was great to see so many of my friends all in one place. gotta love hippies...they do have a tendency to gather together in the same place. ha.
i can't wait to have miss blair & mr. ryan back this summer! they went home sunday afternoon after a scrumptious home cookin' meal at crackerbarrel & the boy & i went to the local farmer's market. they have tons & tons of great fruits & veggies, plants, & even a whole bunch of flea market style vendors. we bought some awesome stuff! we ended this weekend with an early dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant, some margaritas, & sunday night TV. hope you guys had a great weekend!
p.s. tomorrow i'm going to collect all the photos from presley's birthday & share all of our birthday party festivities with you guys. her birthday was a blast!
p.p.s. how awesome is this vintage lamp i bought at the flea market for $10?!? i love the glowing green base!
p.p.p.s. i am super annoyed that i didn't photograph the lovely dress i wore saturday night. it was so gorgeous! a vintage 70's patchwork maxi. oh well, i will wear it again & remember the pictures next time!

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