Sunday, April 3, 2011

weekend in review.

happy sunday!
i hope everyone had a delightful weekend. ours was pretty interesting. spent friday with both kiddos. had a little dinner picnic at the park. took the kids back to their other parents pretty late friday & got some much needed rest. saturday morning we left out early for enoree, south carolina, now affectionately known as the home of the 1st annual carolina metalfest. that's right. i said metalfest.
now those of you that know me personally know that i am, and likely always will be, probably the exact opposite of what one would picture when you think of a heavy metal music fan. however, the boy in the rock & roll band & i are quite smitten with each other & occasionally this puts me in interesting situations, like backstage at a heavy metal music & camping festival. beitthemeans is not by any stretch of the imagination, a heavy metal band, but the festival proprietor saw them play another venue in south carolina a few weeks ago & convinced them to get on the bill, pretty last minute... and off to carolina it was.
i saw a few things i may never forget, but i had a pretty fun time. i got to see some other musician friends of ours that i always enjoy running into & i was able to scratch "attend non hippie music festival" off my bucket list.
i also went down to check out the naked people in the dunk tank & got hit in the head with a baseball by a drunk who missed the dunk tank target. BY A LOT. he didn't even get close. at least i was able to quickly convince nathan not to "handle" the drunk. what can you do? love hurts. i traded in the beer for a water & a bottle of aleeve & survived.
here's the weekend in pictures. xo.
savannah marie

the two sunshines in my life.

i found this at a gas station in georgia when we stopped for gas. it's a tallboy dr. pepper. i don't think i need to say anything else about that. omg.

i've also decided if the whole vintage thing doesn't work out, i'm getting a job here. it's like hooters, but they serve tacos. their mobile setup was at the festival.

this was drawing quite a crowd...

...but this is what i was really interested in seeing.

i sure do love the boy that plays the drums in the rock & roll band.

oh yes...and this. somehow in the midst of the busy weekend, i found time friday morning to pop into my favorite thrift store & add this to my record collection. yay!

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