Thursday, February 16, 2012

Backtrack: MY BIRTHDAY.

Happy Thursday, ladies!
I'm finally getting around to sharing my birthday with you guys! We had a super low key celebration, which was just perfect. All I wanted to do was spend my special day with my two favorites: Presley & Nathan hanging out & enjoying each other's company. We are all always so busy, always going in 100 different directions & about half the time, we aren't even in the same state, so this was a nice break from all that. We ate at this little pizza place I love & just spent the rest of the evening lounging around with each other & laughing. A perfect birthday.
Savannah Marie
P.s. There are tons of super cute vintage auctions ending tonight at EBV & plenty are still available for the why-the-heck-is-this-so-cheap starting bid of just $14.99! You can see pictures of everything here.

my favorites.
my fave little pizza joint. we live on that patio during the summer. big fans of their happy hour specials. check them out on facebook here.
calzones + blue moon = <3
only because it was my birthday. presley ate 99% of it anyway!
we stopped by mom & dads on the way home & pres got some jam time in with papa.

 And last but not least: my gifts! I think it is hugely important to support other vintage shops + indie designers & I try to do that as often as possible. Be sure to check out the shops where my gifts came from. You won't be disappointed!

the hunk got me a deadstock vintage 60's bracelet from diamentjewelry on market publique. she has some awesome jewelry listed & the prices are so low it's almost crazy.
...and also this awesome antique shawl,  from specialneedzvintage
my mom & dad got me this incredible vintage leather bag, also from specialneedzvintage
and, while i'm sharing, i also scored these from the hunk for valentine's day, also from diamentjewelry on market publique.


Crystal Haines said...

wow. im impressed! did they pick out the vintage all on their own or did you point them in the right direction? im so hard to buy for. i feel sorry for frank and my family. lol.

Savannah Marie said...

LOL, they were totally lead! I feel like Nathan could have managed it on his own, but he's barely been home lately, so I helped him out.
Mom & Dad totally needed an email with some links. lol

Unknown said...

Oh my god I am so jealous of that bag! What a great prezzie.

Olivia said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you got some great stuff and had tons of fun!
I just got the green dress I ordered from you and I'm wearing it today! I love it so, so much and will definitely be a frequent visitor in your shop! I just had to let you know how much I love it- and your packaging is so cute. I took a picture, but it's not the greatest. I linked up to you in my latest post!

xx Olivia

Amy Seager said...

Hope you had a GREAT birthday! Those desserts look amazing and that bangle is so cute!
I'm new to your blog and love it! Come and stop by mine sometime too:


Unknown said...

lovely pics!

Check out my blog! Style and Trouble

Hayley said...

I love that bracelet! So adorable, I wish I could find one with my name!!

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