Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SOME PRETTY THINGS: Valentine's Day edition.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
Here's how my ideal love day would unfold. Doesn't have to be today. Any old day will do.
Savannah Marie

this hunk would call me. (he probably wouldn't actually call me, since he lives with me, but just go with my storyline i'm building here.)
i'd take the call on this pretty telephone.
we'd have breakfast together in this pretty nook...
...where he'd surprise me with these pretty vintage earrings....
...or this pretty necklace.
we'd grab this pretty quilt...
...and these pretty glasses (*full of margaritas)
....and we'd snuggle up on our back porch in this pretty glider...
....while looking at our pretty garden (*that looks just like this in my make believe story)
eventually, we'd come in & i'd put on this pretty dress... 
...or this pretty dress & we'd go dancing.
we'd eventually come home, where i'd put on this pretty nightie.
...and we'd get in this pretty bed....and
I probably shouldn't type out the rest of the story. *winks*

photosources: A is our photo,  B, C, D, E, F,
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Unknown said...

the cutest idea!!! Love it!

Sue said...

I love that phone! I need that phone!

Robyn said...

Nathan is dreamy, and appears to be undressing me with his eyes in that photo. You should talk to him about that.

Savannah Marie said...

LOL, Robyn. I hear ya. I can't take him anywhere!

Adele said...

Thanks for following me, now following you back!
Happy Wednesday xoxo

Jackie said...

I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance.



. said...

I have just discovered your blog and definitely love it. You’re in my daily reads now :)
So, i’m your newest follower! Do you want to follow me back? :)

Beth Kirby | {local milk} said...

Vintage lingerie is a staple in my life. Considering my social life consists of getting sexy at home with my partner... those things get more wear than jeans these days! Opulence and prettiness are underrated... I'm a fan.