Thursday, February 2, 2012


Happy Thursday, friends!
I'm going to postpone the "what happened on my birthday" post I had planned for today because my gifts haven't arrived yet & I'd like to share those with you guys in that post.
Instead, I'd like to share something I think is pretty awesome. The hunk & his bandmates are super proud of it, as well they should be, & I'm pretty proud of it too. My part was super minimal, but it's still fun to be a part of something you think is special.
This is the cover & the inside flap artwork of Beitthemeans's newest album, Held Held High, which was released back in October. The album is incredible & is available on iTunes here. I've had these pictures forever & have just been dying over them, but wasn't allowed to post them until the album came out. Wouldn't you know the album came out 3 months ago & I'm just now getting around to posting them?!?
The picture is of the lead singer's son, Marco & the little girl is my eventual step daughter, Lucy. My job was to dress Lucy & I thought this dress was just perfect. It's vintage, of course, and it's a piece from EBV Kiddos, my kid's only vintage shop, which will debut online early this Spring.
So...keep your eyes peeled for the launch of EBV Kiddos & if you are so inclined, go grab yourself a copy of the album on iTunes. You'll be glad you did.
Have a beautiful day.
Savannah Marie

Credits: Photography by our friend Trey at C3 Imagery. Art by Nathan. aka the hunk. aka the drummer. Lucy styled by me. Marco styled by Josh & Carly, aka the lead singer & his ladyfriend.


Katrine - make it and fake it said...

wow, this is amazing!!! love the pic's!! so super cute!!

love K

Anonymous said...

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