Friday, August 27, 2010

it's a $20 dress sale!

hey, hey, pretty ladies!
happy friday to you! as some of you know, we have been selling vintage exclusively on market publique now for a couple of weeks. it is a great site. free & easy to set up an account with them. it's much like ebay, only way less complicated & much cuter in my opinion. it also lacks that shitty corporation vibe, which is something else i love about it. auctions can be paid for via paypal or money order, so for everyone buying on ebay, this is the same kinda drill.
anyway, in order to get everybody excited about our adorable little shop, we are doing something awesome...a $20 sale! every piece of vintage in our shop right now is just $20! dresses, tops, bathing suits, shoes, bags...everything! what are you waiting for?!? click here & start shopping now!
p.s. here are a few pics of what's for sale:

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