Sunday, August 29, 2010

sunday loves. yummy edition.

happy sunday, sunshines!
it's my favorite day of the week & it's time for something i've let slide a little sunday loves post. i love sundays. i love to talk about things i love on sundays. what's it gonna be this sunday??? food.
for those of you that follow my personal facebook page, you know i was super excited this week when my sweet mama stopped by to go grocery shopping with me & brought me a present...a crock pot! a crock pot is one of those things i've wanted for awhile and never can seem to remember to buy. she also shared some recipes with me that i've loved since i was a kiddo & that she makes for my kiddo when she gets to keep her while we travel. recipes are something i've long been meaning to add to my blog & i promise to include more in the future. (now you super chefs be patient with me. i'm quite the novice, so most of these recipes are going to be crazy simple.)

recipe #1: the vintage lady's mama's incredible meatloaf.
1 envelope lipton recipe secrets beefy onion soup mix
2 lbs ground chuck
1/2 cup italian style bread crumbs
1 slice of white wheat bread torn into TINY little pieces
2 eggs
3/4 cups water
1/3 cup hunt's ketchup

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees. combine all ingredients.
2. in 13 x 0 baking or roasting pan, shape into loaf.
3. bake one hour or until done. let stand 10 minutes before serving.

8 servings.
prep time: 10 minutes. cook time 1 hour.

recipe #2: the vintage lady's mama's yummy bbq pork sandwiches. (*crock pot recipe)
boston butt (3 to 4 lbs)
garlic powder
onion powder
bottle of bbq sauce

1. sprinkle garlic powder & onion powder on the meat.
2. put it into the crock pot fat side down. (white part=fat)
3. cover in 1/2 bottle of bbq sauce.
4. cook on high setting 6-8 hours (have to check it pretty frequently)
5. when you can fork it apart pretty easily, change to low setting for 1-2 more hours.
6. take it out, scrape off fat.
7. pull apart for sandwiches & enjoy!

prep time: just a few minutes
cook time: 8 to 10 hours. (put it in when the kiddos leave for school)

let me know how your dinners turn out ladies!
p.s. we've got some great vintage ending in the shop all this week, so you probably should go have a look.

here are some dinners i'd like to be a part of. source.

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