Thursday, August 19, 2010

world's longest yard sale, part two. THE FINDS.

happy thursday!
ohmygoodness! we have been busy, busy here at campebv...been traveling all over the place. first to raleigh, then to charlotte, then back to birmingham, and back up to indiana! we have vended festivals all over the place this summer! look for a special blog post on our adventures later this weekend. as for now, i'm finally getting around to posting the second half of my world's longest yard sale post...the awesome stuff i bought! check it out!

jimmy swaggart albums. these, my friends, are nothing short of awesome. for those of you who don't know who he is read this. basically, he's the famous televised preacher who got caught with a hooker...twice. he drove on the wrong side of the road...all kinds of scandalous stuff. google jimmy swaggart quotes. that's some funny stuff. anyway, we thought these would make funny bathroom art.

some books i bought for presley & lucy. you know how much i like arts & crafts...particularly with the kiddos.

happy mug.

this is something we just started. nathan bought me one, then i found the next one, and well, the collection is growing! vintage love statues. how cute are these? that boy of mine, he's the best, i tell ya!

vintage napkin holder. it will be joining these neato vintage napkins on my table:

awesome olive vintage overnight bag.

vintage wall clock. i'm thinking kitchen decor.

vintage sailor dress. it's too small for presley to wear as a dress, but i think i'm going to let her wear it as a top over these little red shorts she has. adorable!

ah, my favorite! for those of you who don't know, alabama football fans have kind of adopted houndstooth as their unofficial uniform, and since football season is near, and since this house may be home to the biggest alabama football fans ever in life, i pretty much decided my child needed to own this dress immediately.

butterfly pjs! yes, please!

vintage blondie album. if there's anything i love more than vinyl, well...i just don't know what it is. look at her outfit. classic.

this was a purchase made by the eventual husband. that boy likes his rock & roll. good book for our collection.

ok, i know i've said that like 5 times already, but i think this is my favorite find. vintage coasters. too stinkin' cute.

some vintage. maybe i'll keep them. maybe i'll put them in the shop. that's always my dilemma.

vintage magnets. another one of my fave things to collect. the bottom ones are little tupperware lids. vintage tupperware is an obsession i have. the girls love the onion face.

these are great. i have tons of them. i buy them every chance i get. i collect vintage tupperware. it's just so happy. great colors. the shape is perfect for the kiddos hands. the shape is also perfect for the cup holders in my suv. it's a british made suv, and i don't know if the british drink only skinny drinks or what, but the cup holders are too small for pretty much everything other than these tall cups or a red bull can. i've never actually seen the little ones before. they're shot glass size, but i just have this feeling tupperware didn't make shot glasses. i don't know. the kiddos use them to rinse out their mouths when they brush their teeth.

blocks for the kiddos. they are wild about blocks & these are precious! they're plastic and you can take them apart & change the images. one day when i'm feeling like a major craft project, i'm going to take them apart and put family pictures in them. they already know how to count anyway. :)

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