Thursday, November 4, 2010

the big easy.

well...hello, hello, pretty ladies!
i can't even believe it has taken me this long to regroup after the big girl's trip. i got home sunday & am just now feeling normal again. we stayed up way too late, drank a little too much, gambled, shopped, ate, danced, was a great trip. i do love my girlfriends so. very. much.
i came back sunday & took presley to our good friend's halloween party. we go every year. it's out at her family's farmhouse. we all dress up & get together & act silly.
i think i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. i'm about to cuddle up with handsome & watch nightmare on elm street while eating some of my mama's chili she gave me earlier today.
p.s. presley dressed up as a black cat & nathan & i dressed up as a plug & a socket! what did you guys dress up as?

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