Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the windy city.

hello, hello!
good afternoon ladies & gentlemen. i hope this blog post finds you doing well.
so...we got home from chicago sunday, & i couldn't be happier to be home. let me just say this: i won't be going back to chicago this late in the year. ever. ever. again. ever. no matter what. well...maybe if...nope. nevermind. never.
we realized the hard way that we are a couple of southerners who just don't handle the cold well. it's really not even the cold. we love to ski, so cold isn't the issue. it's that unbearable wind. now, i know the city is called the windy city. whoever came up with that didn't have to be a brainiac. i just never imagined it could be so bad. we just about froze to death & the wind broke my ezup tent that i use to cover my dress racks. that didn't put a smile on my face.
however, all things considered...the trip really wasn't all terrible. i made some new customers. i sold some pretty awesome dresses. i was pleased to get to meet their new owners. the boy & i got to snuggle & sleep in late. i did actually win $92 at the casino. also, i had the best bloody mary i've ever had...in a bell pepper. i wouldn't consider it the best trip we've ever taken, but we're pretty good at making the best out of otherwise crappy situations.
here's the pictures. i've gotta get back to work...i'm working on lotsa new vintage boots & dresses for the shop this week!
p.s. we got a dog today. his name is (johnny) cash. he is my sister's dog, but she moved & couldn't take him, so we decided to keep him. we heart him. & his little christmas sweater.

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Anonymous said...

BloodyMary in a bell pepper?!!! I love it and i have to try it!
I'm always bummed out when I visit a place and it leaves me all wrong, the entire state of New Mexico did that for us.
xoxoxox LingerNots