Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i wish.

good morning, sweet loves!
happy wednesday to you! so, i have quite the imagination & i normally set aside wednesday for my "i wish" posts. wednesday=wish. both start with w. i know. how incredibly clever.

i wish i could ride on this every day...

...and this every night.

i wish our living room & our christmas tree (that we don't actually have yet) looked like this.

i wish i'd thought of this when we lived in an apartment.

i wish lake tahoe would look just like this picture when we get there in a few months.

i wish i could ride in one of these one day.

i wish this beeeeautiful chair belonged to me.

i wish i drove this.

(all photos) source.

that is all. have a lovely, lovely, day, sunshines.

1 comment:

The Owl Diary said...

Aw, love this. I definitely wish I could ride the London Eye every night as well. ♥