Saturday, November 27, 2010

a thanksgiving story.

hello, hello!
...and happy saturday to you! i hope you guys all survived black friday. personally, i didn't step one foot in any kind of shopping establishment all day yesterday. we live incredibly close (like across the street) from one of the biggest malls around & we are pretty much held hostage in our house in betweeen black friday & christmas. the traffic is bad enough to make you want to stay locked in your house hiding from holiday shoppers. my family & i used to have a fun tradition of visiting my laney's vacation home on beech mountain, north carolina & skiing the week of thanksgiving, eating & visting thanksgiving day, & then venturing down off the (hopefully) snowcapped mountain & shopping until we were exhausted on black friday. we didn't do that this year & i just don't think i can brave the black friday crazies without my mama & my aunt & sister & cousin. (including myself, we are pretty much 5 of the most determined power shoppers ever.)
however, what i did do on thanksgiving was super fun too. we spent the night before thanksgiving making squash casserole to take to thanksgiving lunch & then we headed out to the boy's rock & roll show. we tried to come home early to get in bed, but that didn't really work out so well. i had been kinda bummed that presley was with her daddy on thanksgiving this year, (to clarify...not bummed that she was getting to see his family, just bummed that i didn't have her) so we wanted to get out of the house.
the boy & i went to visit his grandma & have thanksgiving with his family. we were fortunate enough to have his little girl on thanksgiving, so that brightened my mood a lot. also, not only is his grandma completely adorable, she has a house full of the coolest vintage stuff ever! she showed me all kinds of gorgeous vintage dresses & something else that just melted by heart...she still has some of the clothes that nathan's grandpa wore when he was a little the late 30s/early 40s. so. unreal. precious. if we had little boys, omg, at what i would do for those outfits! she lives in the most beautiful place. it's about 2 hours south of birmingham & her home is the middle of tons & tons of acres of the most beautiful scenery. we walked all over the property & took photos. we will definitely be visiting grandma again soon for an ebv photoshoot!
enjoy the photos!
savannah marie

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