Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the big city.

hello, hello!
...and good evening to you! i've had quite the busy day today. up early & off to atlanta to meet my dear friend & ebv model, jess. i got distracted about half way & stopped at a thrift store, where i picked up a few new items. eventually, i made it to jess's & we shot the majority of the afternoon. i headed back to birmingham & made it home just in time to give presley a bath, read her a book, & get her in bed. dinner with the boy in the rock & roll band. measuring dresses. that about sums up my day. hope you guys had a pretty awesome day too.
savannah marie

check out this dress we shot today. it'll be in the shop tomorrow night. how fun, huh? (it's christmas wreaths, in case you can't see. click the pic to see an enlarged version.)

i took this picture as i was headed out of town.

oh yeah, also...i realized when i got home i left out one of the new listings last night, so i added it tonight. here it is. click the photo to take a closer look at the auction.


Anonymous said...

that last tunic is to die for!

Savannah Marie said...

thanks, friend!