Wednesday, April 27, 2011

such pretty style.

hello, my loves. hello.
today has been a truly stressful day. alabama has been under attack all day. terrible, terrible storms & tornadoes. just plain nasty. the worst part of the whole thing was in tuscaloosa, alabama. also known as the home of the university of alabama. also known as the place where my little brother lives. the tornadoes just flattened one of the main streets in the town. stores, restaurants, gas stations...just left complete & utter devastation. i was watching it on the news & i couldn't get my little brother on the phone. saying i totally freaked out is a little bit of an understatement. i finally got him, he is ok, everything is calmed down now, i'm drinking a beer, and my stress level is decreasing. not only that...a good friend and her fiance JUST bought a house together (like really JUST bought it) and it was destroyed in the storm. there was just so much bad here today, but at least everyone is safe & that is the most important thing. i wanted to get my mind off the whole thing, so i did what i do best...distracted myself with pretty stuffs on the internet.
you have to check out this lady. she is just dreamy! her name is rachel iwanyszyn & she is just dreamy! check out her blog here. here are some of my favorite photos of her.
savannah marie


Megan said...

I checked her out! So cute!

The Jazzy Belle said...

I'm so glad yesterday is over. It was rough driving to work this morning and seeing all the damage. I'm really glad your brother is ok. Hate it for your friends though. I had a few friends lose their homes, but not their lives. thankful for that. Hope you're having a peaceful day!