Thursday, March 31, 2011

i wish.

hello, hello, hello!
it's thursday & i'm posting my typical wednesday blog...and that, my friends, is because i was out having too much fun last night to sit in front of my computer. the boy & i went to see some of my very favorite people. my friend, carlie just moved into a lovely new home & we were so excited to see it! my other favorite person, and former ebv model, jenn, got married earlier this year & we haven't gotten to see her much, so we were totally stoked to see her too! it's funny how life works. you get older, get married up, have kids, & sometimes you just don't have the time to see your friends as much as you used to, but gosh, when you do, it is just so refreshing. there's nothing that beats an awesome evening with good friends.
anyway, here's what i'm wishing for today...

i wish the kiddos had a tree house like this in our backyard.

i wish the boy with the pretty blue eyes wrote me love letters like these.

i wish we got to sleep in late & do this more often than we do.

sigh. i wish i could drive around in this awesome ride.

i wish this lovely owl ring was mine, all mine!

i wish this collection of awesome belonged to me!

i wish for a trip to the beach. soon. and also...for that hat.

i wish music festival season was here already. we've got such great plans to vend some GREAT festivals this summer. wakarusa is the only one we have confirmed so far, but there will be several more announcements in the coming weeks. in the meantime, nathan is playing a music festival this weekend, so we will get a little taste of the fun in just a couple of days! hope it holds me over...

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Market Publique said...

Love this post! I am going to make a date with my friends now- so important (and fun).
Can I live in the treehouse and sleep in late too?