Friday, September 10, 2010

fabulous finds.

happy friday, sunshines!
it has been quite the lazy day here at camp ebv. i'd be lying if i said i'd done much of anything so far this the kiddo off to school, had some breakfast, took a nap, and then i spent a good deal of time perusing etsy. gosh, there are so many fabulous items up for sale there. here are a few of my favorites of the day. i hope all of you enjoy the first night of the weekend...i'm off to work on some of the pieces for savannah marie, my new clothing line due out early next spring!

these gorgeous flower crowns from headcasebyg. she has some of the loveliest stuff. i absolutely have to have one. i just have to decide which one! sidenote: how gorgeous is she?!?

these gorgeous wreaths from stylishstems. i'm almost always going to end up going for the sunflowers by default, but she's got some really great, unique wreaths!

i pretty much love every single thing i found in thewoodenowl's shop. omg. please be cuter!

i love these rock on, peace, and love coat hooks from jjevensen!

how neat are these?!? vintage tupperware turned light fixtures from bootsngus. awesome!

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