Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i wish.

good evening, loves!
oh, at all the time i spend wishing for things. i guess you could say i'm quite the dreamer. what am i wishing for today?

i wish the boy would bring me tie dye roses.

i wish the boy & i had matching flower glasses. i'm realistic. i realize he probably wouldn't wear his.

i wish we had this pretty lighted "headboard". now that i've seen this, we may have one soon. :)

i wish i had this awesome bike...

...with this awesome basket.

i wish our hallway had this many pictures.

i wish i had these pretty bows.

i wish i had this in our back yard so the boy & i could have dates in it.

i wish i had this ah-maz-ing chair in my bedroom.

i wish we had this tree in our backyard.


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