Thursday, September 30, 2010

on the road again.

hey, hey pretty ladies!
just a quick note to explain my absence...the blog has been a little uneventful lately because i have been traveling so much. most of you know by now that i vend various music festivals & events throughout the year & we have been super busy with that. something like 8 states in 2 weeks! the boy & i are really enjoying our "mini-vacations" & have even started discussing the likelihood of officially tying the knot next year...who knows? maybe i'll even get a diamond sometime soon! anyway, i'm off to st. augustine, florida, charleston, south carolina, and nashville within the next few days, but when i finally get home late next week, i'll be home for awhile (until we head to new orleans on 10/28!) & back to my regularly scheduled blogging. i hope you guys are all doing well.
p.s. have you seen what we are giving away?!? omg. enter the ultimate vintage lover's giveaway II now! read the previous blog post for details.


oh and look. here's a terrible picture of us. the only one i've taken in about a week.

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