Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i wish.

happy wednesday, loves!
it's been a busy day here today. we've got both kiddos home. i was pleasantly surprised to get the "eventual stepbaby" (that would be miss lucy, daughter of my eventual husband) today & we are going to get to keep her for the rest of the week/weekend! bless her little heart; she had her tonsils out on friday and is missing kindergarten all week. we're eating a lot of ice cream & watching a lot of movies & we are going to have her back in tip top condition asap. as for presley laine, she got into a little trouble at school today...received a dreaded "red light" on her folder. "what did you do to get the red light, presley?" "talking, mama, talking, talking, talking." what can i say? the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. i also had one of my girls meet me for a photoshoot this afternoon, so i've got hours of photo editing ahead of me before the night is over. however, the "babies" are finally in bed, and it's grown up time. i'm about to get started on dinner for the boy & i. gumbo! yummy, yummy. but for now...i will share my wishes for today.
cheers, friends.

i love what i do, but if i had to do something else, i wish it could be this.

i wish i had a picture of presley & i like this. i believe i will arrange for that to happen.

i wish i had this sign for my house or for my festival vending booth...or one for both.

i wish i knew where to buy this.

i wish i owned these lovely earrings.

i wish i had this lamp in our bedroom. i have a similar one in our bedroom, but i'm gonna be honest. this one is better.

i wish this was my little hideaway. i wouldn't hog it. i'd let the boy & the kiddos come in too.

i wish i had this issue. how. stunningly. beautiful.

i wish, i wish, oh i wish, maybe more than anything on this list, that i had been there. i also wish i owned every single dress that every single girl there wore. (ha, i probably do own some.)

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