Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday loves.

well, hello there, friends.
i must apologize for my noticeable absence of blogging lately. we have been mucho mucho busy here at camp ebv. i do intend to post some backtrack type posts where i fill you guys in on the goings on around here in the past month, but not today. today, i want to share some outfits that make my heart skip a beat...enjoy.
savannah marie

1. anna sui from NYFW. spring 2011. gasp. no really, gasp. how beautiful. makes me wanna sing van morrison songs & pray that summer never ends. and those boots? good grief. amazing. (found via ladyflashback's blog)

2. these may be the most perfect shorts i've ever seen. i absolutely love them. (via songofstyle)

3. i love jumpsuits. i really love them. it's a hard trend to pull off, i'll admit, but when done correctly, jumpsuits are so effortless chic & i just love them. (via facehunter)

4. perhaps it's my not so secret desire to have been alive in the 60's-70's, but i cannot resist anything high waisted. i just go crazy over sky high waists. these are great shorts. (via facehunter)

5. what can you pair with a vintage rock tee that won't look awesome? i couldn't think of anything either. great tee. great outfit. i love rock & rock chic. (via facehunter)

6. it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what i love about this outfit. i love wide leg pants. i love blazers. i think it's the hat that did it for me though. she looks very well put together. i love it. (via facehunter)

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