Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i wish.

hey, hey pretty ladies! happy wednesday!
wow, it sure has been nice to be an alabama lady this week! the weather has been perfect! warm, sunny, mid 70's everyday. so nice! i hope your corner of the world is just as lovely this week.
it's hard to wish for anything when it's been so nice, but i managed to come up with a few things...
savannah marie

i wish these pretty rings were mine.

i wish we lived in this pretty pink house.

i (really) wish i was planning one of these.

i wish i could find these girls & hire them to model for EBV.

i wish i could stop laughing at these. not really. they're funny. i wish i had a cat.

i wish i'd made this for dinner...

...and these for dessert.

i wish this was my car.


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