Thursday, March 17, 2011

backtrack: valentine's day.

hello, hello, & happy almost st. patrick's day to you!
since i didn't blog much the past few weeks, i decided to do a couple of "backtrack" posts & fill you guys in on what's been going on while i was absent.
valentine's day was quite lovely. we had lunch at my favorite place. we ordered way too much food! homemade guacamole & sweet potato chips, spinach & gorgonzola salad, chicken tortilla soup, & lobster tacos. so yummy! we spent the rest of the night doing a little work & hanging with presley, but i did get a super awesome gift: tickets to see g. love & special sauce at the exit in in nashville a few days later, so we got to go on a little date night then. dinner, the show, & then some fairly serious bar hopping...coyote ugly, some cowboy bar, & then ended the night in a karaoke bar. the karaoke bar was pretty exciting. we happened upon a gathering of um, adult, um, film "stars". there was some sort of porn thing in town & we just happened upon the gathering spot. interesting to say the least.
anyway, i've never been the biggest fan of valentine's day, and the boy knows that, but he wanted to acknowledge it with some pretty flowers & lots of kisses. i appreciated that a lot & who knows? maybe the holiday is starting to grow on me.
here are some photos.

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